Gabella (gabella) wrote in mssm,

looking for a locale

howdy folks,
i'm gonna try to throw together a damn good time/bbq in central/southern maine for some time around the first week of august this summer. i need to know if any of you have an idea for a locale where we can have several years worth of mssm grads ('02, '03, '04, ('05? '06?)) chilling out, bbqing, and catching up since alot of us have graduated or are soon to graduate university, enter the real world, that sort of thing.
so what i'm looking for:
-a place with bbq/fire pits for fooding
-a large area for ultimate frisbee/soccer/croquet/bocci? (big area for playing)
-possibly a place for popping a few tents if people wanna crash (near by, not necessary that it be on site)
-and preferably, this locale would be available for the consumption of a shitton of beer.
gimme a heads up if anyone knows of any parks, campgrounds, or empty fields where we can make this a reality.
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