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I guess after three years at MSSM I should have learned to expect the unexpected, but I'm hearing about a lot of new changes yet again this year, and I'm just curious to hear from current students what all these changes actually are and how they feel about them.
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It seems like every year the gulf between now and then widens more. Can you elaborate a little as to what funtastic changes are in the works for 06-07?
I've been hearing rumors that MSSM is closing. Granted these are all 5th hand passed though heaven's knows how many states so I'm not putting much weight on it. So ummm ya what's up in the Great White North?

Class of 2000

The school is not closing - in fact, enrollment is on the rise and the school will be back to full capacity (150 students) in the next few years. Important questions about whether the school should remain in Limestone are currently being discussed - it is possible that this is the origin of the rumor.

I would be very interested in hearing from other alumni on this issue. I personally feel that the nature of the MSSM experience would be dramatically altered by a move away from Limestone, and will be arguing to keep the school at its present location - possibly expanded or with a sister magnet school of the arts.

We would like to form a chartered alumni association that can make offical comment on the governance of the school. All interested parties should contact me directly through jeremy(at)mssmalumni.org.

Jeremy Usher
Alumni Representative
MSSM Board of Trustees
I don't know if a move from Limestone would be that bad. More parents might be willing to allow their kids to go if they weren't so far from home... It is great that enrollment is on the rise, but how long will that last? Moving the school more south might be just what is needed to keep the school going. Personally, I don't want to be an alumnus of a school that didn't even last 20 years.....
I think all of the students who had parents that lived closer didn't really get the experience as they were always being carted off. They never really took part in the community to the same extent.

And not having the rediculously long boring busrides? How else would you correctly unwind? I'm half serious on the busrides, they sucked but I actually think there was also something to them. It was yet another point in time when you were forced together with a set of your peers. We all became very well practiced at amusing ourselves as a group with as little as possible to actually do. Sometimes it resulted in hardship, but all and all I think it was for the best.

As for parents not letting their children go? I don't really think distance would change that as much as you think. The ones that won't let them go, won't let them go. In addition, if you put it further south, it would be more likely to be in a populated area, and I think actually parents figure there is less potential for trouble in limestone.

Now as for a sister school, I think that would be excellent, though I really don't know where it would be appropriate to put it. Any other major military base closures freeing up highschools around the state?
In addition, if you put it further south, it would be more likely to be in a populated area, and I think actually parents figure there is less potential for trouble in limestone.

Plus, if it was in a more populated area, admissions would probably be swamped with local students who want to attend.
I agree with dgtized... the bus rides were valuable chunks of time.. but also that a parent who won't let their kid go, just won't let their kid go.

..but Brunswick Naval Air Station is set for being shut down here in the near future.. so.. maybe ;-)
there's a closed down navy base near where I live, in Winter Harbor Maine, it's kinda the middle of nowhere, but we're close to acadia national park and all kinds of other neat stuff....they've already got SERC there, schoodic educational research something or other, and I think it would be an excellent place for a sister school, or to move the mssm, if that's what they wanted to do.