N. Ryan (runicdruid) wrote in mssm,
N. Ryan

MSSM Database

Hello Everyone!
I am emailing because I am searching for contact information for a database I am creating. Once this is completed, students will be able to contact other MSSM students however it is convenient. Currently, my thought is to open a password protected file and send it via email to all students who I have contact information for. Currently, I have very little in the way of contact information. The only way I will be able to even come close to creating the necessary database is by getting emails from all of you and for all of you to pass this email along to all those MSSM graduates or current students. I am looking for contact information from all students who graduated between and including the years of 2004-2008. If others choose to give me contact information, I will certainly place it in the database, although outside of those years is not my current intent. Please pass along the message!!!!!

Needed Information-
Full Name
Nickname (what do people refer to you as)
Email Address
Current Place of Work and / or Current College Attending
Current Home Phone
Current Cell Phone

If you feel uncomfortable placing any pieces of this information into a database, don't! Just send what you are comfortable with! This is a database for those who actually want to stay in contact. I will not be making this available to people until I have some kind of thought-out security. Remember, I need as many contacts as possible!
Nicholas Toothaker
Class of 2006

I find it likely that the MSSM Alumni Association already has a database created, if so, could someone please post about it?
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