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Dorm Change

MSSM Community,
Obviously, I am communicating with the whole community because there have been some major places that took place last night. Mr. Warner and Vinal Wilcox announced that Vinal is stepping down from Director of the Dorm. The very first question, I am sure, is who is taking over. Walt Warner and his wife will be moving into the dorm on Saturday afternoon. This means that Walt Warner will be acting as Director of Dorm Life as well as his duty as Executive Director.
Some people have very negative feelings about this, either because of personal opinions of Walt Warner and also of having the administration directly involved in the dorm. I would like to strongly remind all of you that Mr. Warner is not Norma O'Keefe, so those issues aren't the same. Further, he says some very promising things, although I admit that he has done so in the past, and the results have not been perfect... In any case, he is moving into the appartment and running the Dorm as well as the Office.
I wanted to tell everyone that although there are negative ideas associated with this, it is only because of the past. We must look to the futur with a positive attitude and hope for the best. We will react to problems as they arise, and I promise, for those still worried, that we WILL react.
Wish us luck Alumni!
Nicholas Toothaker-
Graduating Second Year Senior
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