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Hello Everyone,

I believe this is my first time posting a community post, but there are some issues at the MSSM that should be addressed, so that as a community we can support the new administration and MSSM Model. As many current students know, there are several changes to the MSSM this year including having RIs instead of RA/RDs, and for those second year students, the lights out policy. I wanted to address as much of the MSSM community as I could so that everyone can understand some of the residential life decisions that have been made thus far.

I had a meeting with Mr. Warner in order to better understand those decisions which have had negative reactions from much of the student body. The first one I would like to address is study hours. Mr. Warner created the Learning Center, and got rid of Structured Study in order to better our academic lives. Mr. Warner thought that there were several flaws with the Structured Study room and how it was managed. The Learning Center, which will have similar nature to how students will be placed in it, will be held in the library, where students will have access to books as well as computers. Group work is allowed if needed, and there will be tutors in the learning center that will help. Obviously, the learning center is open for all students during study hours (7-9PM).

The next thing I would like to address is the lights out policy and curfew. Some of the changes to this have been made because law demands it of the administration, but some of it was to help students get some extra rest. Currently, one must be in by 7 on school nights, in wing at 10, and in your room with the lights out at midnight. If one must stay up later, you can ask it of an RI, but my understanding of it is that RI's won't really bother you about it as long as you are doing work, haven't been goofing off all day, and are studying.

I have seen mass paranoia thus far this week, and I would urge everyone to wait a little while, and see how everything runs. This can be a success, and the administration more willing to make changes later if we give this a chance to succeed now. There are groups where students can express their opinions, such as Student Senate and Dorm Council, which will both be again active soon. Also, feel free to go and talk with Mr. Warner or Mr. Siddiqui, because they were both helpful in my quest for information.

Thanks guys!


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