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Maine School of Science and Mathematics
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This community is open for all current MSSM students and alumni to interact with each other. Talk amongst yourselves about whatever you want. Links to other MSSM communities, weblogs, and news are encouraged. Find out who else ended up in your corner of the world. Let everyone know what's going on in the dorms.

If you're an MSSM alum or current student, please introduce yourself: What's your name? What year did you graduate (or what year are you currently)? What are you doing now?


The Maine School of Science and Mathematics
is a public, residential charter school serving talented sophomore, junior, and senior high school students from across the state, The MSSM was created by the 116th Maine Legislature in 1995 as the state's first charter school and is a member of the National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Science, Mathematics, and Technology.